The Moron Brother: Rothstein Scorned

Running around, so I thought I'd quickly share a missive from Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein to Chris Salamone, one of his close friends and business associates.

It's goes to the great paradox of Rothstein: He was a cutthroat con artist, a financial serial killer (as one of his former judge associates once called him), a man with no qualms about destroying lives to get power and money. 

And his incredible thievery will be playing out in court -- both civil and criminal -- for years to come. Scheduled next is Russ Adler's bankruptcy trial.  

Yet even as he was in the midst of his audacious crime wave, Rothstein was constantly professing his love for everyone around him, and when it came to people doing him wrong, he was easily hurt, or as he put it to Salamone, it was easy to blow a hole through his heart.

ADDED: Salamone and Rothstein were classmates at Nova Southeastern Law and were law partners together at one time. Salamone was also an early investor with Rothstein who was sued for clawbacks by the Rothstein bankruptcy trustees.

Inside read the ensuing email that also indicates there was a drunken blow-up at the white party at Rothstein's million-dollar Versace mansion wedding.

Here it is in three parts:

The Moron Brother: Rothstein Scorned
The Moron Brother: Rothstein Scorned

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