The Most Amazing Playoff Comeback... That Wasn't


If you're anything like me, you turned off last night's playoff game at halftime. The Hawks already had a 23-point lead and Dwyane Wade probably had a concussion. Plus, Lost was on.

I didn't even want to see the results. I figured if John Locke can somehow summon the power of the polar bear/time traveling/smoke monster Island to heal his nearly fatal wounds and fight over and over, maybe Wade (arguably the Heat's version of Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and the smoke monster combined) could heal himself, give a rousing speech in the locker room, lead the team on an incredible tear through Atlanta in the second half, and bring the series back to Miami up three games to two. I thought maybe if I didn't watch (trust the Island), everything might just work out.

But yeah, Atlanta is no tropical paradise full of miracles and half-naked beautiful people just oozing sexual tension. And this year might just be a first-round bounce for MV3 and the gang.


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