The Other Potential Dolphins Quarterback: What Happens if Peyton Manning Doesn't Pick Florida?

​Who the hell knows where former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is going to end up. With sports reporters wildly repeating whatever their perpetually unnamed sources are telling them, we've heard the Miami Dolphins' hopes of landing the star are "losing steam," that it's a two-horse race between the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos, and now, that Manning is coming to South Florida to meet with Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin after all.

But if Manning can't be wooed by wide receiver Brandon Marshall and a shiny new offensive coordinator, there's another possibility for the fightin' Fins...

Big Timmy Tebow.

That gator-chomping, end-zone praying, eye-black proselytizing, baby circumcizing tosser of wounded ducks could end up on the trading block if Manning goes to Denver, and who's to say he won't come preaching his way into the Magic City once we finally ship Chad Henne up north?

So he's got a career completion percentage under 48 percent and throwing mechanics so bad that it's news when he practices it. His team beat the Steelers when it counted, and he's got the toughest right knee in the business. If Manning ditches Miami in favor of Denver (or Arizona, or maybe Tennessee), might Tebow be making a trip back to his home state?

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