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The Palm Beach Post's Version of Paradise

The Palm Beach Post introduced a new slogan this week, "The Home Page of Paradise." Never mind that this phrase now appears on the Post's web site just above the daily dose of mug shots. Or that on Sunday, it sat right above a headline that read, "What To Do When Pirates Attack."  

What's really fabulous is the slogan's timing. The Post, after all, is a daily newspaper. (Cue soft weeping). In the past year, at least 300 employees have taken buyouts or been laid off. The surviving reporters have endured two massive "reorganizations," which means they get a new beat or a new boss about as often as Lindsay Lohan gets a DUI.

At one point this winter, employees received a memo informing them that the paper would no longer provide free coffee. After mass protests, this directive was rescinded, and now, thankfully, they just have to pay for coffee creamer. Their bureaus have been reduced to ghostly rooms full of empty computers and a few stray reporters who spend their days applying to grad school.

Last week, at the meeting where the new slogan was announced, employees were forced to stand for an hour in an auditorium where all the chairs had been inexplicably removed. With apologies to Phil Collins, it was "another day for you and me in paradise."

Congrats, Post execs. Your employee morale now rivals the mood at Freddie Mac.

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Lisa Rab
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