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The Pervert Next Door

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Layton Duncan, another of Pompano Beach's registered sexual predators, says he's thought about relocating. He moved to Pompano Beach after being kicked out of an apartment elsewhere. Six weeks ago when police distributed fliers in his neighborhood, his current landlady asked him to move out, he says.

At first the 57-year-old Duncan agreed, but then he changed his mind. Like Jesus Garcia, he says he's staying put -- at least until his lease runs out in six months. Duncan has a job as foreman on a construction crew but thinks he wouldn't have any job at all if it weren't for an old friend who was willing to hire him.

Duncan was convicted of neglecting and sexually abusing his 28-year-old mentally handicapped daughter. Like Garcia he denies he ever committed the crime. His probation runs through 2002, but his status as a sexual predator continues indefinitely.

"This is a life sentence, man," Duncan says. "Everywhere I go, it's going to go with me. There's no way you can ever tell your side of the story to people, because they've already got you labeled."

Duncan looks old and worn -- and friendly. But the details of his daughter's abuse, graphically described in one detective's report, are utterly chilling. Pompano Beach public information officer Sandra King bridles at the suggestion that community notification has gone too far in Pompano Beach.

"A majority of people would say that someone has gone too far when they commit sexual battery on a helpless, five-year-old child or a mentally retarded woman who put her trust in you," King says.

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