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The Pulp's Power Outage

Okay, I just finished an usually well-rounded morning entry -- and, as God as my witness, the electricity went out just before I hit the "publish" button. Seriously, right when I was leading the mouse to the button, all the work got killed.

I know. You're saying, save it. Well it's not that easy on this program, but you're right.

In a nutshell, I pointed out that both the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel had stories on young -- and surely annoying -- geniuses. Martin Merzer and Scott Travis wrote them up and I had a bunch of nice observations about them that I can't remember right now.

Then I pointed out that Jennifer Mooney Piedra wrote about a visit from 15 kids from Hezbollah-rocket-struck Haifa and they were talking about how great it was to get away from the war for a while. This gave me an idea to make South Florida the Honorary Jewish Homeland. It already has the highest concentration of Jews than anywhere else, so why not make it official? Bring a few hundred tons of dirt from Jerusalem for authenticity and recreate a few holy sites. Hell, build a full-scale replica, like an Israeli version of Epcot. It'd be fun -- think of all the dradles! Not only would it be good for tourism, but it might take pressure off the real Israel and help bring peace to the world. I'm patenting the idea as we speak.

Then I wrote about Jennifer Lebovich's story about Jim DeFede's take on Dania Beach Commissioner and accused car keyer John Bertino. Point being that the Herald is still finding a way to get the brilliant political satire of its fired former columnist in its pages -- and on the website. If you go to the story, you can listen to the spoof song DeFede wrote about Bertino based on the Beatle's Drive My Car.

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