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The Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Debate Drinking Game

Tonight's the night Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist bring their 2014 Election-Palooza to Broward and yell at each other indirectly by saying loud things at television cameras.

Scott and Crist will face off at the Leadership Florida-Florida Press Association debate going down at Broward College at 7 this evening.

And while the event has been filled for weeks, we at New Times have you covered with our official Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Debate Drinking Game.

Because nothing mixes better with politics and mudslinging politicians than booze. It's the American way!

A lot of things will be said in tonight's debate. And by "a lot of things," we mean the same-ol', same-ol'.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't tune in.

Because you need to know where these candidates stand on the issues, and you want to get your drank on.

But mostly, you want to get your drank on.

The rules are simple:

1. Watch the debate: You can watch the live feed here or on TV on WFOR-Ch. 4 in Miami-Fort-Lauderdale and WPBF-Ch. 25 in West Palm Beach) 2. Drink when the rules say so: Just follow the rules below

See? Simple.

And the best part? We all win no matter what!


You can also follow along with us at New Times as we live-blog the debate right here tonight.

Good luck! Have fun! Don't drink and drive!

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