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The School Board Fiddled While Money Burned

Before you start comparing me to Model Citizen for this obviously photoshopped image of Broward Supt. Jim Notter, I have to confess that I didn't create it.

It comes courtesy of a video produced by BECON, the School Board TV station and propaganda center that is subsidized by taxpayers for millions of dollars.

That really is Notter all dressed up in Harley-Davidson garb on the sidecar of a motorcycle ridden by School Board member Robin Bartleman.  

There are a lot of revelations to come about School Board corruption, but don't ever forget: The board itself is run by clowns who are living, sometimes literally, in a fantasy land even as they waste hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars.

Have you been sickened by Ann Murray's idiocy? Or outraged by Jennifer Gottlieb's denial? Or frustrated by Notter's own delusions of "responsibility" for the grand jury findings?

You're not the only one, but remember, for them, it's all a fairyland. More photographic evidence inside that you must see.

The videos produced by BECON were made to promote the Broward Education Foundation, which itself has had many dubious members on its board (Rick Kolb, Roy Rogers, etc.).

I'm going to spare you the commentary for the photos below, and I promise you that they still won't really make sense after you watch the videos. We'll start with Dinnen and Notter:


Now brace yourself. Here's one video:

And the other:



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