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The Seidlin Family Condo Deal Looks Even Sweeter

What's really going to be fascinating as the Judge Larry investigation gets going is how much he really procured from Barbara Kasler, the lonely old and wealthy woman whom he "reverse-adopted."

Seidlin befriended Kasler and began delivering her meals to her every day and taking her to the hospital and hair salon. As the relationship progressed, he and family members suddenly began reaping assets from the elderly woman, including cash gifts, land, yacht club privileges, tuition to the expensive Pine Crest for his daughter, and a great deal on a condo (only NT has reported most of this).

About that last item. In March 2006, Seidlin's in-laws -- Oren and Barbara Ray -- bought a condo from Kasler at a bargain price of $300,000. The Sun-Sentinel is saying a comparative unit sold for $335,000 at the same time. Well, I've seen some purchases that make it appear to be a bigger bargain than that and I just uncovered new evidence that the deal was sweet as a homemade apple pie.

The Rays, who are the parents of Seidlin's wife Belinda, already owned a condo in the building at the time, unit 1703. They sold the condo for $325,000 at the same time they bought Kasler's unit for $300,000.

So they basically got a $25,000 break, right? No way. All condos are not created equal at Marine Tower, where size and views vary. The condo Seidlin's in-laws sold for $325,000 is now assessed at $361,990. The condo they bought at the same time for $300,000 from Kasler is assessed at $516,270.

You do the math. It amounts to a major windfall for the family.

Were Seidlin and Co. working Kasler for her assets or were they just amazingly kind folk who helped out an old woman and became the recipients of her incredible gratitude? That's for investigators to determine.

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