The Seminoles Like It

The Associated Press is reporting that the Seminole Tribe of Florida is buying the entire Hard Rock empire for $965 million. I don't know why that seems cheap to me, but they're getting "124 Hard Rock Cafes, four Hard Rock Hotels, two Hard Rock Casino Hotels, two Hard Rock Live! concert venues and stakes in three unbranded hotels."

Not to mention the world's largest collection of rock memorabilia, including one of Madonna's "bustiers," the AP's Robert Barr points out in his article. Now that price is seeming a little more right -- who doesn't have an intimate article of Madonna's clothing somewhere around the house?

Said tribe chairman Mitchell Cypress: "This is a proud moment for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and for all Indian tribes. It is also an opportunity for the Seminole Tribe to diversify its business operations and help a very successful company to achieve even greater growth."

Some might say that the 3,300 members of the tribe have amassed grotesque wealth and power, but those people didn't fight in the Seminole Wars 150 years ago, did they? Yeah, I thought so. Shut up.

After the jump: Corpses Not Thief's Bag and Newspaper Business Clueless

-- The Post's Rochelle E.B. Gilken reports that a thief rummaging through an SUV at Emmanuel Funeral Home in Lake Worth unzipped two occupied body bags. "The burglar did not seem to disturb the bodies, though it's likely they disturbed him."

I'm wondering though, if the sight of a corpse disturbed him so much, why did he open both body bags? The second one couldn't have been a surprise. He also rummaged through the deceased's belongings, yet apparently didn't take any of them. And while you might think it weird -- or even unlawful -- for a funeral home to keep bodies that way, you probably haven't heard the home's slogan: "Emmanuel Funeral Home: We Keep Your Loved Ones Zipped Up In Our Unlocked SUV In The Parking Lot So You Don't Have To."

So it's copacetic.

Speaking of funeral homes, I've been re-watching the entire first season of Six Feet Under on DVD (who can stand all those commercials on Bravo?). Damn, it's good.

-- When asked by a New York Times reporter where the newspaper business was heading, Washington Post President Donald E. Graham said, the only honest answer was "I don't know." (Via Romenesko).

You're damn straight, Donnie. Now sit back and watch, bitch.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.