The Sentinel's Mayor Al Redux

The Sun-Sentinel's Linda Trischitta -- a former People mag reporter who recently joined the newspaper -- begins her Metro section-leading story about the investigation into Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini this way:

Deerfield Beach Mayor Albert R. Capellini has said that he is being investigated by State Attorney Michael J. Satz's office.

"You're not supposed to tell anybody, but everybody seems to know," Capellini said.

Yes, Linda, everybody knows about it because I broke the news in New Times last month. I know you've been used to writing for rags that have put little value in truth and journalistic standards, but this is ridiculous. You don't pick up a story in another newspaper, wait a month, and then pretend that you broke it. (Well, actually that's done quite a bit by some of the Sun-Sentinel's little leaguers, but it's not smart to follow their lead).

As for the content of the story, well, it's shallow, but not any more so than most of the newspaper's articles. Capellini's final quote:

"I have abstained from everything and I have never lobbied for any of these projects or sent e-mails out. It's bothersome and I know the state attorney has to go through this, but there is no floating check out there, no inappropriate monies being given to me or partnerships or ownerships that I didn't pay for. I've got all the canceled checks, everything, and the state attorney has it all."

That's a lie. Capellini failed to abstain several times on votes and did send use his office to benefit projects he was representing privately. It's all part of the New Times investigation. You ought to read it, Linda -- then you can break it all over again.

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