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The Sequel Has Dropped

Gallagher and Crist

Okay, the new Crist story is on the New Times home page. One of the main knocks against the first story was that it used anonymous sources (whom I knew to be credible). Well, this one's got two named sources who I also believe to be credible and a videotaped sworn statement to back it up. NT is going to post the video tomorrow (Wednesday).

Also, I've already gotten a new tip regarding the source of money for the private investigator who was tracking Crist and the gay rumors. The cash came from ... drum roll, please ... the Tom Gallagher campaign. The campaign apparently gave the money to Tallahassee attorney Steve Andrews, who is named in the story, and Andrews then paid the P.I. That's what I hear anyway.

And, hey, that sounds a lot like politics.

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