The Singer Who Cried Wellington

On the coattails of this morning's tornado watches comes the news that the Wicked Witch of New York Real Estate may be landing for good in Wellington -- again. According to Page2Live, Madonna is "thisclose" to closing on a home in Mallet Hill, neighborhood to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and a handful of Z-list celebrities (inventor of the Scrunchie, anyone?).

But before we all start choking on our mochaccinos and speculating over Madonna/Springsteen flash mobs, let's recall 13 months ago, when Madonna was also reported to be moving to Wellington full-time. The rumors reached The Juice, where we thought to mention, Hey, this might not be a good idea after all: a New York neighbor was suing Madge for excessive and intrusive noises, vibrations (?), and poundings (?!).

To be fair, the Upper West Side building's board of directors denied the neighbor's case held any merit. Either way, The Material Girl didn't end up naming Wellington her perma-Material World then, and the world kept turning. Will she or won't she end up at 13808 Fairlane Court? No idea, but until the realtor confirms or we start hearing "Vogue" drifting down South Shore, we're not falling for it... again. See pics of her potential new digs below:

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