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The (Soon To Be) Departed

A Pulp reader has provided a partial list of Sun-Sentinelers who are taking the early retirement plan. Here they are:

-- Buddy Nevins. No surprise there. -- John Dolen, entertainment editor. -- Tim Dodson, long-time editorial page writer and columnist. -- Bill Hirschman, veteran education reporter who has been covering social services for the past few years. Hirschman is also a poobah at the Society of Professional Journalists. -- Nancy McVicar, a Help Team member. How could someone who was helping so many people leave the job? I kid, but McVicar is a good reporter. -- Jeanne Jordan, news editor. -- Nicholas R. Von Staden, photographer. -- Henry Wright, design desk. -- Richard Carr, copy editor.

There's more, but that's all I know so far. I think part of the deal is a year's salary in severance, but I'm not 100 percent on that.

After the jump: Dontrelle Makes Strippers Happy and More on Crotch-Grabbing Kramer

-- The Palm Beach Post's gossip guru Jose Lambiet reports on the deep, yearning void left behind in the Marlins' spring training home of Jupiter. Seems the boys made some strippers at Solid Gold Palm Beach very very happy.

For at least two nights a week in March, bar staff tells Page Two, star pitcher Dontrelle Willis, described as the ringleader, second baseman Dan Uggla and others were known to swing by the Riviera Beach joint and shower the gals with dollar bills until 3 a.m.

"There'd be, like, $3,000 in singles on the table," said waitress Nicole Spelling. "When they liked someone, a bunch of them would just go up and throw dollar bills in the air by the handful. There'd be so much money on the stage that the girls had to get champagne buckets to pick it up. And (pitcher) Randy Messenger is, like, so hot."

Lambiet later recounts a scene where Dontrelle gives a stripper $1,000 and tells her to go home to her kids. That's really the best thing about Major League Baseball, always giving back to the community.

-- Evan Benn from the Miami Herald fills in some of the back story on that wacky German developer Thomas Kramer. He's been accused of rape in the past at his $8 million London mansion and his in-laws claim he ripped them off of $100 million. Let's see, he rapes, steals, and gets people by the balls ... yep, he's a developer, all right.

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