The Steingers: Like Father, Like Son?

When people talk about where Ponzi schemer and Mutual Benefits czar Joel Steinger might have stashed some of his millions, many point at his son, West Palm Beach lawyer Michael Steinger.

Steinger, a founding partner of personal injury (ambulance-chaser) firm Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, was never close to his wayward father, according to sources, until recent years. Joel fathered Michael as a teenager and had a brief marriage to his mother.

But sources say they made up and are now closer than ever. In fact, Michael Steinger put up half a million of his father's $5.5 million bond after Joel was hit with the federal indictment in December. Has the son been subject of any of his father's financial largesse? Who knows. And even if he was, it might be legitimate. But Michael Steinger has come under some serious suspicion. He's suspected to have played a role in a con game in West Palm Beach.  You can read about the details here, but in a nutshell, Michael Steinger, who is the spitting image of his pop, is suspected of referring accident victims to the Palm Beach Lakes Surgery Center for unnecessary operations involving a device made by Arthrocare called a SpineWand. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Here's Steinger on a YouTube ad for his law firm. Notice the movement of the eyes.

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