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The Story Every Young, Female, Aspiring Reality TV Star in South Florida Should Read

In a region of the country that's home to Bang Brothers and other amateur pornographers, the only shocking part of this story is that it hasn't happened yet in South Florida.

But if a fake Big Brother could happen in Turkey, it could happen here. So watch out, ladies.

Then again... Reading this article, it says the women weren't sexually harassed or assaulted. Just ogled.

So how's this phony Big Brother different than the real Big Brother, which in Europe is much more popular and much more risque? Check it out:

[F]amily members became concerned they were being prevented from contacting the women.
That's a condition of the actual Big Brother, isn't it? Let's continue:
According to local media, naked images of the women were sold on the internet.

Kind of like the way past contestants have been paid for sexy photo shoots that helped to sell magazines?

Back to the young female captives:

They were also told to fight each other, wear bikinis and dance by the pool, HaberTurk newspaper reports.
Or basically, do exactly the same titillating things that the show's actual cast members do?
They were reportedly made to sign a contract that banned them from any outside contact and ordered them to pay a 50,000 Lira ($33,000, £20,000) fine if they left the show before two months.
Again, similar to the way contestants in the real Big Brother lose out on the grand prize if they leave the show early.

Now if the allegations in the article are true then it's fraud and if it's true that a contestant was as young as 16 and participated, then you've got some more legal trouble; but if none of the contestants tried to commit suicide then the fake house still has an edge over the real one from this season's version of the show in the U.K.

[Hat tip: Gawker]

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