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The Strange World of Dr. Edison

Here's a story about some ghosts from the past coming back to haunt Hollywood plastic surgeon Richard B. Edison. A Massachusetts man named Tim Clark has sued the doctor claiming that he sexually assaulted him over a period of two years in the 1970s -- when Edison was in medical school and the plaintiff was just 12.

Edison gets around. He was charged with soliciting a prostitute in 1998, but the details aren't known because he had the case expunged from the system. He's also buds with radio show host Steve Kane, who has had Edison on his show and calls him the "Kane family cosmetic surgeon." You can see Kane and Edison here, including two videos of the show which I encourage you to watch. On it, Kane remarks that Edison has "done procedures on pretty much everyone in my family."  

"I feel like I know your family inside and out," Edison says.

"Hah, that's very true," replies Kane. 

Aside from the disturbing allegations made by Clark, patients,and patients' families, the doctor has managed to maintain a lucrative practice. He's apparently highly adaptive. The center he runs in Hollywood apparently engages quite a bit in one of the more popular trends in plastic surgery -- "vaginoplasty" and "labiaplasty" for "tightening and rejuvenation." There's also hymenoplasty -- which "returns the ruptured hymen to a pre-sexual state."

In other words the surgery can make you a virgin again. (As if.)

Anyway, the center's website includes a large number of before and after photos. That's right, Edison is so proud of his center's work that he puts it out there for all to see. (Edison doesn't actually perform those surgeries, another surgeon does). I warn you, do not click here if you're not prepared to see a little more of the, uh, female form than you probably ever wanted to see. Yes, plastic surgery is a curious human endeavor if ever there was one.  

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