The Swayze Legacy: Dirty Dancer? Or "Best Damn Cooler in the Business"?

On behalf of the men of my generation, I submit the video above along with my petition to remember Patrick Swayze not for his twinkle-toed turn in Dirty Dancing but for his ass-kicking, mullet-flaunting performance in Roadhouse.

Judging by the headlines that say "Dirty Dancing Star Swayze dead at 57," the women who revere that movie have won the first skirmish in this battle of the sexes. But Dalton would not have us give up the fight so easily.

To admit defeat now would be to abandon those friends who, after consultation with their fellow man, decided that a career as a barroom bouncer was a higher calling than a career in medicine. Or education. Or law.

Seriously, though. Has there ever been actor who made both a classic chick flick and a classic guy's guy movie? And in the span of just three years?

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