The Ten Best Chris Bosh Moments

In case you missed it, Chris Bosh delivered some righteous nut punching on the Indiana Pacers on Monday as he helped the Heat take a commanding 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Also in case you missed it, Bosh made it clear on the Dan LeBatard Show on Tuesday that he wants to stay in Miami.

Also in case you missed it, the haters can suck it.

Because even with all the unfounded vitriol heaped on his dino-head, Bosh is the Savior of Your Dreams. And he is, without a doubt, the most important player on the Heat. Why? Because RAWR.

So to celebrate and show our love and devotion to one Christopher Wesson Bosh, we present his Ten Greatest Moments as a member of your Miami Heat:

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10. Dunks on the Entire Atlanta Hawks Team Seriously. The whole fucking team.

9. Bosh Blocks Paul Pierce in OT Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's funny because, Paul Pierce.

8. Dunk on DJ White The reaction time, the speed, the smash, the flailing around like a raptor. This is why we love our Bosh.

7. Ties Atlanta at the Buzzer Big-Shot Bosh is Born... kinda like when that newborn velociraptor came out of its egg in Jurassic Park. Awwww so cute the lil fellla and O MAY GAWWW HE'LL EAT YOAR FACE OFFFFF....


5. Blocks Danny Green's shot in OT, Game 6 Remember when the Spurs' Danny Green was nearly the 2013 NBA Finals MVP thanks to him constantly draining threes from everywhere? Jesus, that was annoying. And after Ray Allen hit The Shot in Game 6 and overtime was upon us, Green had one more chance to seal his legacy and destroy our souls with another heart-crushing three.

But then Bosh tracked him down like a hungry velociraptor and put an end to all that nonsense with a series-saving block to force Game 7.

4. The Buzzer Beater Game-Winner Against the Trail Blazers No LeBron? Ain't no thang for Tall Justice.

Down 105-107 in Portland with 7.7 seconds remaining, Bosh drained a three from the moon to beat the Blazers and make everyone there sad, so they went to drown their sorrows at Voodoo Donuts. RAWR.

3. The Buzzer Beater Game-winner Against the Spurs "Oh Lord."

2. All of the Photobombs Aside from being a total ass-wrecker on the court, Chris Bosh is also a trendsetter. What started as a playful way to make the mundane postgame interviews more fun turned into an art form. And now pretty much everyone is doing it. But no one does it better than Boshy Bear. And, sure, this isn't an on-the-court thing, like a shot or a rebound or a block, but it's equally as important!

You can relive Bosh's greatest goofy moments in Gif form here.

1. The Rebound The Shot is quite possibly the greatest moment in Miami Heat history. But there is no The Shot without The Rebound. And there is no The Rebound without Chris Bosh outmuscling the entire planet to give us one last breath of hope... and get the ball to the greatest three-point shooter of all time.

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