The Ten Most Annoying Facebook Users

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#10 The Perpetual Mommy. This is the girl whose has replaced her Facebook profile picture with that of her newborn. Has this child consumed the totality of this women's personality? Really? And why does she find it necessary to post fifteen photos of her 3-year-old's first soccer game, all at once? Listen, the kid is cute, but she is doing a number on our news feed with all these look-how-adorable kiddie poses.

#9. The Relentless Promoter This is the guy who promotes a club/party/roller-skate derby non-stop. His sole use of Facebook is for publicity. And dammit if he doesn't clutter your inbox with all those invites to the next "killer" shindig. You've never been to the club he's pedaling, and you have no plans to do so in the near future. Oh and you don't live in Milwaukee either. What gives?

#8. The Fatalistic Jesus Freak. Heaven help us, this Facebooker is on a serious one-dimensional doomsday directive. Even if you do believe in a higher power, this person's constant barrage of "Jesus saves, "the Rapture is coming," and "we are all going to burn," posts annoys the bejesus out of you. Reading just one more verse from Revelations will make you seriously contemplate shaving your head, buying a tambourine and jumping around with the Hare Krishnas at your local airport.

#7. The World Traveler Do these people ever work? In February they were in Argentina, April in Vietnam, and August in Croatia. And now Aspen for the holidays. What are they, all trust fund babies? Their continuous plethora of pictures from the world's most exotic locales--places you'll probably never step foot in -- ignite a deep spiteful feeling inside you. Endless weekend trips to the Keys or countless visits to your parents' time-share in Orlando can't tame this kind of insatiable jealousy.

#6. The Gleeful Just Married Bride Yeah we get it, your husband is oh so wonderful and so very dashing. Lucky you. We let the 300 pictures of your wedding in Mexico slide, but do you really need to post every freaking mundane detail of your blissful wed life, daily? Your new house is nice too, but putting up 150 different takes of it is a bit of an overkill. Like the Perpetual Mommy, the Gleeful Just Married Bride has replaced her personal profile picture, in Bride's case, it's with a "happy couple" pic. She doesn't have her own identity anymore either, it's all about them, her and her handsome beau.

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