The Ticket Slams The Pulp

Well, this is a first. I've finally been compared to Joseph McCarthy. I can finally die happy.

But I'm not going to get in the way of 790 The Ticket's response to the post about Sid Rosenberg/Imus/Joe Rose below. I've had my say, now it's time for you to hear from Alan T. Brown, vice president of communications for the WAXY radio station.

(One more thing -- you'll notice, however, a peculiar typo. I have to admit, I laughed). Here's the official release from WAXY:

We feel compelled to avoid the general denials given by radio and television when their on-air talent make statements that are abhorrent to management. Such statements like “the views expressed by the talk show host are not the views of the station”.

This Station in no way condones the now well publicized statements of Don Imus, but we are equally distressed by the attribution of those statements to Sid Rosenberg, Joe Rose and the Miami Herald by Bob Norman in the New Times. The article by Boob Norman is simply factually incorrect and misleading. Sid Rosenberg made no racist or

misogenistic statements on Imus and Sid has made no such statements in his 18 months at 790 the Ticket.

The import of the New Times article boils down to an attempt to paint Sid and Joe as racists both through guilt by association, unsupported innuendo and ancient history. Such behavior should be abhorrent for anyone in the media since it smacks of McCarthyism.

Our station and the entire media have an inherent duty to report the facts, just the facts in a clear and unbiased manner. Reporting requires attention to details and statements based on truth uncolored by the desire to generate a controversy that does not exist. This may be the reason that other media outlets have not taken the slant of the New Times.

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