The Trump Stamp: Donald Trump Tattoos Inspired by "Tramp Stamps"

We're officially living in a world where Donald Trump could very likely be the GOP presidentia nominee. YOINKS. So it might be time to stop fighting it and simply become part of the xenophobic rhetoric and the women-hating brouhaha and the flying  insults, and get on the Trump bandwagon by showing your support for "The Donald" by doing the most American thing there is: getting a tramp stamp.

That's right. An enterprising trio filled with go-getterness and gumption have pulled together a Kickstarter campaign for something called the Trump Stamp, which is basically a tramp stamp but with Donald Trump's face on it. Who doesn't want Donald Trump's face that close to their ass? 

The idea behind the temporary tattoo is a simple one: to have all Americans support Donald in the most American way possible. And the tat also serves as identification for Border Patrol Agents, which is a nice bonus.

The Trump Stamp creators, based out of New York, are American, Asian, and Mexican — which is altogether American and something Trump hates. The tat's creators, Victor Bruno, Kai Foo, and David Cortina, are asking for $1,000 on the Kickstarter to fund their first print run of the Trump Stamp so that they can spread the love across the nation. 

So what's this all about? 

"We wanted the Trump Stamp to be excessive and classy while being sexy - just like Trump," Foo tells New Times.

Of course, there's always the threat of Trump catching wind of this and suing the pants off the group, which is something The Donald is wont to do when he feels slighted even in the least. 

But, according to Cortina, they knew the risks coming into the venture.

"We are 66.6 percent immigrants, so yes we are a little worried about being sued and deported," he says. "But this is the risk you have to take if you want a taste of the American Dream."

The Trump Stamp is described as a "temporary tattoo design made in America 66 percent by immigrants, which allows men, women, and even children to show their support for the Donald in a way never possible before." 

The Kickstarter campaign ends on September 30 and offers different packages for anyone who wants to donate.

There's the $14 or more pledge that gets you one "one-percenter edition" of the Trump Stamp — the same thing, for twice the price.

There's also the "American Edition" $25 or more pledge, which gets you six Trump Stamps guaranteed to be shipped to you by an American.

If you pledge $50 or more, you'll receive "The Golden Trump Stamp" made with gold ink. It's a way to support Trump while feeling superior to the person you're standing next to you.

Finally, there's the $10,000 or more pledge, which can only be bought by Donald Trump.

The Trump Stamp Kickstarter has so far raised $16.

"We would love to have Mr. Trump selling The Trump Stamp as official campaign gear," Bruno adds. 

You can go here to make a pledge yourself and get something you'll regret for the rest of your life. Even if it is temporary.
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