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The Upside of Book Burning

The "psychic" author "Regina Milbourne" got a new customer review of her book, Miami Psychic, on Amazon. It's from somebody using the moniker T. Edgington:

"I wasted my time reading this book and now I'm thinking of the most sacrilegious thing I could (when it comes to books) ... I'm think of burning this book (I know I know it's stupid but... some rules have exceptions)!! I don't want it on my bookshelf contaminating my other books ...".

Whether Milbourne is really the scion of the virulent and criminal Uwanawich family or not, I'm getting the idea this may just be one of the worst books ever released by an established American publishing house.

I'm supposed to hear from the folks at ReganBooks today regarding their probe into Milbourne. Publicist Gregg Sullivan told me on Friday he was going to talk to "Judith" about it. That would be Judith Regan, the publishing diva. He said he'd get back to me this morning, but so far, eerie silence.

But forget about the New York flacks -- where's Sun-Sentinel special correspondent Yvonne Carey to set the record straight? If Milbourne ran an up-and-up fortune-telling shop in Weston, she never incorporated the business with the state. A check of Florida driver's licenses shows that there is no "Regina Milbourne" on the state rolls. So it's not looking good for Milbourne. Yvonne, I ask you, on behalf of the entire Pulp Nation, is your book a fraud or not? Is Regina Milbourne real or is she a fiction bourne from the Uwanawich crime family?

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