The Way Things Were

Above is a photograph taken in 2003 of the giant Miami Herald staff at the time. It looks like a small city. And it's probably been cut in half during the past couple of years.

The photo was taken in honor of the newspaper's 100th anniversary, an occasion that was marked with an extensive and illuminating special section (actually, there were two of them). The kicker is that the Herald probably didn't hit the century mark that year. So it's probably safe to say that the equivalent of everyone past that third palm tree on the right has vanished. The purists at the newspaper said that the 100-year mark wouldn't be hit until 2010 (in part because the newspaper celebrated its 80th anniversary in 1990 -- yeah, do the math). Forgetting that minor snag, the mainbar story was written by Martin Merzer, one of the downsized reporters. Some notable contributors included Dave Barry, Edna Buchanan, and the late, great Gene Miller, who wrote a fine piece about the history of the newspaper and newsroom along with the best corrections ever published by the paper.

Ironically: The anniversary issue had the date wrong. The date was listed as 2002 instead of 2003. But really, what difference does a year make?

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