From J.Lo "Butt Cleavage" to MC Hammer, Here Are the Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets

Jennifer Lopez is set to perform in the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.
Jennifer Lopez is set to perform in the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. Photo by Michael Amico
Now that the NFL playoffs are done and it's been decided the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will meet at Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV, the real fun can begin: tracking the preposterous, downright ridiculous, and extremely over-the-top Vegas prop bets for the big game. This year, the off-the-field action is quite interesting. There are some real doozies.

Aside from the game itself, chips and salsa, and the commercials between the action, prop bets might be the greatest Super Bowl tradition. (For readers who aren't frequent gamblers: A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a wager made on whether something will happen or not happen that won't directly affect the outcome of the game.) With the help of the folks at SportsBettingDime and Bovada, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite Super Bowl LIV prop bets.
10. Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage during the halftime show? Yes (+500), No (-1,000)
Believe it or not, this is a thing. Actual people will wager their hard-earned U.S. dollars on whether there will be J.Lo butt crack involved during the Super Bowl. This is truly what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our nation.

With all that being said, if you think J.Lo might give the audience a glimpse of her vertical booty smile, there is a lot of value in this wager. Vegas is begging you to put some money on it.

9. What color will the Super Bowl LIV Gatorade shower be? Lime/Green/Yellow (+275), Purple (+1,400)
It's clear Las Vegas has some insiders when it comes to sideline Gatorade flavors because they're putting their money (your money?) on the winning coach being doused with lime, green, or yellow Gatorade. Straight-up water or clear liquid is also a big favorite at +300.

If you're willing to bet the Chiefs or 49ers throw some purple stuff on their coach after the win, you can turn $100 into $1,500. Orange at +400 seems like the best value here. Everyone loves a good artificially flavored orange beverage.

8. Will J.Lo or Shakira be caught lip-syncing? Yes (+700), No (-1,500)
What we have here is some shadiness. We're not quite sure how J.Lo or Shakira will get "caught" lip-syncing during the halftime show, especially because it's sort of understood that a lot of vocals for performances like these — especially ones that contain a lot of twerking (more on this later) — are pre-recorded to avoid mass chaos and/or embarrassment.

Stay away from this bet — it has controversy written all over it. They're gonna lip-sync. Busted?
7. Will MC Hammer say "Hammer time" in a Cheetos commercial? Yes (-200), No (+150)

 Will MC Hammer say "too legit" in a Cheetos commercial? Yes (-200), No (+150)
Cheetos teased a Super Bowl LIV commercial featuring MC Hammer this past week, so naturally we're all expecting him to utter some of his most famous phrases/song lyrics. In the preview, he already says, "Can't touch this," so that's off the board, but Vegas wants you to bet on other famous phrases included in the ad.

Our money is on both of those cashing. You don't get MC Hammer to appear in your ad campaign in 2020 and not have him say, "Hammer time." And "too legit" seems too logical when Cheetos are involved.

5. How many times will Donald Trump tweet on Super Bowl Sunday? Over 13.5 (+130), Under 13.5 (-170)
We're not even sure this is Super Bowl-related. It's just, like, will he tweet a lot, which, yes? Yes, he will. It's a day that ends in a "y," so yes. If retweets count, the over seems like a lock. If it's only original tweets, there's more doubt.

With the way our government is run these days, the only question is how much money Trump himself wagers on this one. It's like signing your own name on a football and selling it on eBay. It's just too good to be true, like finding money on the ground.
4. Will any player propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game? Yes (+500), No (-900)
If there's one moment that could push a professional athlete to propose to his girlfriend, it's making it to the top of his sport. Winning is legal drugs; it impairs the mind. For a player who just won the Super Bowl, anything probably sounds like a good idea.

Our guess is this one cashes. Someone has the plan in place. Each team has 53 active players. Subtract the already married players and you've got at least 40 to 50 guys out there kicking around this idea.
3. How many times will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the halftime show? Over 0.5 (+325), Under 0.5 (-550)

A-Rod on TV one time while J.Lo performs? Bet the house! Wait — not so fast.

A-Rod is likely to have his own suite — probably the most expensive suite — so you can be sure if the cameras want to capture his reaction to his lady's show, they'll have to catch him there. The only real question here is whether the TV crews have the flexibility to freestyle. Halftime shows are so coordinated and planned that the cameras will likely be preoccupied with prearranged angles and other details.
2. Will Shakira and Jennifer Lopez twerk during the halftime show? Yes (+160), No (-230)
If there was ever any doubt that men make these prop bets, we now have total confirmation. This is another one of those props with too much gray area to safely put any money on. Who's to decide what a "twerk" truly is? What if it's a half-twerk? You can't rely on a 56-year-old man in Vegas to decide if a J.Lo hip thrust qualifies.

This writer, however, will be watching closely, judging for himself — for the sake of the bets.

1. How many commercials will include a dog? Over 3.5 (-120), Under 3.5 (+120)
Super Bowl ads love dogs and horses — it's just science. If you put a puppy, a horse, or Justin Timberlake in a Super Bowl ad, you're golden. If you put Justin Timberlake holding a puppy while riding a horse on television during the Super Bowl, viewers will invest in that company's stock. These are the rules of the Super Bowl ad road.

Bet the over. Never bet against dogs. They're good boys. 
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