The Widow and the Nurse, Part Two

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On Friday, July 14, Holmes escorted Bridget into an eight-by-ten-foot room down a hallway from his office. Bridget says her pretest interview with Baldomero lasted only a few minutes and consisted solely of him reciting the questions he intended to ask her during her test. By contrast Holmes interrogated the nurse for more than two hours before he even hooked her up to his polygraph machine.

During his preinterview Holmes asked Bridget what kind of work she performed in the Virgin Islands. (Typist.) He asked her if she has a police record. (No.) He asked her how she landed the job with Regina and what kind of car she drove before Regina bought her a new one. (Hyundai Accent.) He asked her questions about Regina's banking habits, jewelry, and the medications the elderly woman is taking, if any. (Coumadin, for her heart.) He asked her what was the most expensive present ever given to her before she worked for Regina. (A gold chain.) He asked her about her relationship with Joel Greenhill in Atlanta. He asked her whether she still menstruated. (Yes.)

Finally Holmes had Bridget tell him in explicit detail the entire story of the assaults and the rape. When asked why she didn't immediately report anything to the police, Bridget told Holmes: "Because of Gina. I didn't want to leave her. She didn't do anything to me, you know? It's him."

Holmes asked Bridget if she would make up a story about being pregnant just to look better to the police. "Gina knows," Bridget replied. "It was Gina who paid a doctor to draw my blood and get a urine test. She told me she has a good old friend from when her husband was alive who is a doctor. When I went over there, the doctor was waiting for me. He drew my blood and he took a urine sample. She wanted to make sure that I was really pregnant."

After the lengthy preinterview, Holmes hooked up Bridget to his polygraph. She sat motionless as he read the six questions he intended to ask. Then he administered the test.

1. Did you ever voluntarily commit any sexual act with Daniel Greenhill? Answer: No.

2. Did Daniel Greenhill rip your blouse off your body? Answer: Yes.

3. Did Daniel Greenhill force you down on a couch in his mother's condominium? Answer: Yes.

4. Did Daniel Greenhill, against your will, place his penis in your vagina? Answer: Yes.

5. Did Daniel Greenhill tell you that if he had his police license he would slash your throat? Answer: Yes.

6. Are you now lying in any way about what Daniel Greenhill did to you? Answer: No.

When the test was finished, Holmes unhooked the wire that he'd affixed to Bridget's chest. He unstrapped the Velcro blood pressure cuff he'd wrapped around her arm. The two exited the polygraph room and walked back to Holmes' wood-paneled office. The examiner asked Bridget to take a seat in the hallway as he closed his office door. He plopped down in his office chair, worn out from the exam.

"Whatever I said yesterday, I take back," he reported, running his fingers through his thinning hair. "This woman is definitely telling the truth. Absolutely. I don't have any doubts.

"Everything is explainable," he continued. "There was a bond struck between these two women that is so intense that to this date Bridget is willing to almost sacrifice everything to protect the woman. There is no doubt there was a genuine bonding between two human beings there. It wasn't because she was surreptitiously trying to inveigle her way into this woman's life."

Holmes got up from his chair, walked over to his office door, and called Bridget in to clarify something he'd neglected to cover in the exam. "When you made the initial report to the police, you said you were assaulted. Why didn't you tell them that he actually raped you?" he asked.

"Because of Gina," Bridget responded softly. "I didn't want to hurt Regina."Daniel disputes Holmes' findings. "I cannot accept those results!" he bellows over the telephone from his home in Israel. "I don't know who this so-called lie detector is. He sounds very, very phony to me. And if the police arranged for her to have a lie detector test, I'm sure they did it properly. He claims to be an expert. I have to wonder what he's going to gain from it. It's also possible that Bridget has gotten to him. My point to you is you'd better cover yourself.

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