The Widow and the Nurse, Part Two

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Even today, in spite of everything that has happened, she continues to mourn her separation from Regina. "She hasn't done anything to me," Bridget says. "I don't think she protected Daniel. She was protecting herself from all of this that happened. I still love her. Maybe I love her too much."

One of the main arguments Aventura Police Chief Tom Ribel levels against Bridget's veracity is the five-month delay between filing the assault charges and filing the rape charges. Only after she was evicted from her rent-free house, he notes, did she come forward with the most serious allegations.

In fact Bridget reported the rape much earlier.

When she filed the assault charges on October 13, the Aventura police referred her to the state attorney's office. She followed their instructions, visiting the prosecutor's office on October 18, one day before Daniel returned to Israel. Bridget filled out a one-page complaint sheet, still on file at the intake office. In response to the query "What kind of complaint is this?" she checked the box indicating "battery." Sexual assault and rape are not listed among the choices on the form.

At the bottom of the sheet is a closing question: "What would you like to see happen as a result of this complaint?" Bridget scribbled three words, which she hoped to see applied to Daniel Greenhill.

"Go to jail," she wrote in blocky print.

Bridget says she told a man working at the intake window that she had been raped. After a brief interview, the clerk told her the state attorney would not take up her case. "He said Daniel was going back to Israel, so there was nothing they could do," Bridget recalls. "Then in my heart I just said, Forget everything. I gave up.

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