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The Year of LeBron James: A Catalog of Weirdness in the Name of Basketball

LeBron James' decision to flee his northeast Ohio hometown for the warmth of the Miami Heat this year ripped a hole in the basketball universe. For those who were living under a rock and missed the hype, here are the highlights of his long, strange journey:

6.A local comedian enlists Cleveland celebs to make a "We Are LeBron" video begging him to stay.

"We Are Lebron" Ohio Campaign to Keep LeBron James from BlackSportsOnline on Vimeo.

5. In the wake of LeBron's nationally televised ESPN special announcing his move to Florida, Cavaliers fans burn their old jerseys.

4. Donated jerseys rescued from the flames end up on the backs of South Florida homeless people.

3. Some of the best magazine writers in the country start a war of blog comments over the star's exodus from Cleveland. The phrase "Go fuck yourself" is used eloquently in the discussion.

2.LeBron's shoulder bump with coach Erik Spoelstra becomes a symbol of the Heat star's arrogance.

1. He leads the Heat to a 12-game winning streak yet still gets mocked in Cleveland with "The 12 Days of Quitness" video, which portrays LeBron as a dancing elf.

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