Then There Were Three (Candidates for U.S. Attorney in South Florida)

The next U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida will be either David Buckner, Willy Ferrer, or Daryl Trawick. They were selected by the Judicial Nomination Commission after interviews this month of 16. All three finalists are members of Miami's legal community -- Buckner in private practice, Ferrer in the Miami-Dade's prosecutor's office, and Trawick a Dade Circuit Court judge. But the job they want covers the prosecution of federal crimes through Palm Beach County. All have been assistant U.S. attorneys.

Buckner, currently with Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton in Miami, was a prosecutor in the Cuban 5 case, helping win a conviction against a group of spies that had infiltrated Cuban-exile groups.

Ferrer is a Cuban-American who, besides his work as a federal prosecutor, held high-profile positions with former U.S. Atttorney General Janet Reno.

Trawick may be the most controversial choice, since in 2007 he admitted to the Miami Herald that he approved the altering of court records to cover up defendants' guilty pleas. That same year, he voided his own order sealing documents in a defamation case after it was revealed he hadn't followed a new set of Florida Supreme Court rules on the practice.

Broward and Palm Beach, sad to say, did not have many horses in this race, as you can see from this Juice post listing the attorneys and judges who applied for the job.

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