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Thieves Arrested After Bragging on Facebook

A pair of alleged armed robbers were caught when one of their victims spotted them on a Facebook page bragging about their crimes, according to police.

The photos on the Facebook profile show one of them in various poses with open wads of cash spread out.

The name of the profile page: Crime Pays Zoe Dollaz.

Apparently it does. Except when it's boasted about in a Facebook page open for the public to see.

Sam Drummond, a 26-year-old man, had just opened his cell phone shop, Palm-Tech. A man who called himself Jean Jacques, who had sold Drummond an iPhone a week earlier, called with an offer for more business. The fledgling business owner agreed to meet Jacques at his home at Palm Beach Plantation Mobile Home Park, 6860 Lantana Road, at 3:30 p.m.

Jean Jacques told Drummond to wait for him to retrieve the phones he had agreed to sell.

Drummond then noticed someone peeking through the bushes from his rearview mirror.

Jacques then returned to the car. That's when Drummond heard his back door open and someone else get in. The person then jabbed a gun to the back of his head.

"I'll blow you away," the man with the gun said.

"This is a robbery," Jean Jacques said. "You're going to give us all your shit."

Drummond calmly handed over his phone, wallet, and $2,000 in cash he had planned to deposit that day.

Jean Jacques got out of the car, took out the cash, and threw the wallet to the ground. He then ran off with his accomplice.

After calling the police and reporting the incident, Drummond and a friend began to Google the name Jean Jacques but got nowhere.

Then Drummond remembered he had a phone number belonging to Jacques. His friend suggested he type it into the Facebook search engine. He did. And that's when Crime Pays Zoe Dollaz popped up with Jacques' face strewn all over it.

Drummond also spotted the man with the gun in one of the comments in a photo of Jacques standing in a living room. The name of the commenter was "Jbo Tha Prince," and the face matched the man who shoved a gun to the back of his head.

The next day, detectives called Drummond back to the office to look at a photo lineup. He identified Billy Jean Jacques and Jon Coleman as the men who robbed him.

On Tuesday, deputies caught up with the duo and booked them into the Palm Beach County Jail on robbery charges, with no bond.

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