This Florida Panthers Quiz Will Let You Know if You're a Bandwagon Fan

Last week, we here at New Times helped get bandwagon Florida Panthers fans up to speed on the team's affairs so they could properly root on the hottest team in sports. This week, you're on your own. While it's nice to welcome aboard new Panthers fans, it's also equally as entertaining to point and laugh at them. This is a place where we will do that. Last week, we welcomed new members; this week, we lightly haze them. 

Below you will find a brief Florida Panthers quiz. Questions will range from the generic to the "Is this dude serious?" — but it's up to you to test your knowledge and decide what is what. Once you are done, you'll be able to either brag to your friends about your Panthers knowledge or feel shame for having jumped on the Florida Panthers bandwagon bus this late. 

1) Which is not the name of an ex-Florida Panthers coach? 

A) Terry Murray

B) Bryan Murray

C) Alexander Godunov

D) Rick Dudley

2) Who was the Panthers' team captain from 2003 to 2008?

A) James Saxson

B) Robert Clark

C) Joe Prokop

D) Olli Jokinen

3) Who scored the Florida Panthers' first-ever goal? 

A) Scott Mellanby

B) Luis Zapata

C) Cristian Blandon

D) Nana Attakora

4) Which of the following players has never been a Florida Panther? 

A) Dave Duerden

B) Viktor Kozlov

C) Marcus Nilson

D)  Lennie James

5) The Panthers had a horrendous losing streak in the '97-'98 season. How many games was it?

A) 29

B) 10

C) 13

D) 4

6) Before the Florida Panthers' arena was named the BB&T Center, it was named the Bank of America Center. 

A) True

B) False

7)  Former Panthers owner Wayne Huizenga named the team how?

A) Fan vote.

B) Trademark he already owned for an MLB team

C) Raffle 

D) His kids chose it after visiting Lion Country Safari 

8) Which of the following is the Panthers' minor-league affiliate? 

A) Portland Pirates

B) Indianapolis Indians

C) Altoona Curve

D) Bradenton Marauders

9) Which one of these NHL Hall of Famers did not play for the Panthers? 

A) Ed Belfour 

B) Dino Ciccarrelli 

C) Igor Larionov

D) Pavel Bure 

E) All of the above played for the Panthers 

10) Who was the Panthers' first-ever draft selection? 

A) Robert Niedermayer Jr.

B) Ed Jovanovski

C) Doug MacLean

D) Brendan Morrison 

Answer Key:

1) C. He's a bad guy in Die Hard

2) D. The other guys played for the Miami Dolphins in 1992. 

3) A. The other guys are Fort Lauderdale Strikers. 

4) D. Lennie James is an actor from Snatch and The Walking Dead

5) C. They were as bad then as they are good now. 

6) B. False; it was named the Bank Atlantic Center. 

7) B. Super-dick move because although he did hold a fan vote, he already had decided on Panthers as the name. 

8) A. The other cities are actual Pittsburgh Pirates minor-league teams. The Panthers are the Pirates. It's weird. 

9) E. All of them at one point played for the Panthers. 

10) A. Robert Niedermayer Jr., drafted fifth overall by the Florida Panthers in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft.

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