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This Is How a "Great American" Arrives to a Campaign Event

Al Gore can have the electric cars. Allen West prefers a gas-guzzling, tricked-out hot rod with a deafening engine and a paint job that advertises a Higher Purpose -- in this case, the cause of POW-MIA soldiers.

"God bless America!" cries out an observer, overwhelmed by this patriotic scene in the parking lot of Fort Lauderdale's Latham Marine. Upon climbing out, West and his driver salute the engine, which might have been built in America, albeit by unionized (communist?) workers. Still, like most things in the world, this reminds West about what's great about America.

Seriously, though, West doesn't belong anywhere close to a POW-MIA memorial.

This is a guy who allowed a prisoner of war to be beaten, who threatened to execute that prisoner, and who then staged a mock execution, shoving the prisoner's head into a sand barrel, then firing the gun next to the prisoner's ear.

Of course, this was an Iraqi prisoner of war, but if this is the way Americans treat POWs, then why should America's enemies not torture U.S. soldiers whom they capture? 

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Thomas Francis