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This Is Why South Floridians Drive

Because if you're a pedestrian, you run the risk of bumping into a pirate who's wearing a rat on his shoulder, like this guy at the Delray Beach Art Fair:

But hey, at least some people like pirates. Does anybody like the people who shove fliers in the faces of passersby, warning of some far-fetched conspiracy?

If they're not violating a littering ordinance, they're definitely tampering with private property in the first few seconds of the video, stuffing their fliers into New Times boxes. And why do I find it hard to believe that these young ladies joined this cause entirely out of their own sense of righteous outrage? Was there a financial inducement from, say... a conservative organization that's worried about the scanners showing peoples' naughty bits? Or a rival security company that stands to lose a lucrative contract if the imaging devices take over?

In any case, South Florida has crazy drivers. But as the videos above attest, the pedestrians are even crazier. Careful out there!

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