Dude Was A Football Player

This One's For The Kuech

This from Armando Salguro's story in the Miami Herald on the Dolphins' inspired beat-down on previously undefeated Chicago:

"There's no telling how folks such as former Dolphins guard Bob Kuechenberg likes Taylor now. After telling the Chicago Tribune that Saban should be impeached and the team had no soul, Kuechenberg did not return phone messages Sunday."

Hey, don't put it in Kuechenberg's face. Nick Saban and Jason Taylor and all the rest of the Dolphins should send the old codger a few boxes of Omaha steaks. His rude, but honest, remarks put the fire in this team this week and that's all football is about. Intensity and who has it.

After the jump: Crist lays low, a Royal Palm Beach Woman goes low, and a Cooper City commissioner writes the Pulp

-- Looks like Charlie Crist is laying low now, at least when it comes to the media. According to the Herald:

"Crist refused to answer many questions from reporters, allowing his campaign entourage to whisk him quickly to photo opportunities with supporters. In Orlando and Ormond Beach, he was steered to homes that precinct walkers had determined were friendly."

Good. That way he won't have to run to his vehicle while somebody else stands up for him again before the election.

Rothenberg got hers

-- The argument can be made that when an older woman has sex with a teenaged boy, it can be a dream come true. God knows that by the time I was 13, it was a dream of mine. Lester J. Davis wrote Saturday of a 30-year-old woman named Alisa Rothenberg who was arrested Friday for having sex with a 13-year-old boy in a Jacuzzi. But, sweet mother of God, this was no Lafavian fantasy. No, this was a crime.

-- Cooper City Commissioner Elliot Klieman wrote a spirited defense of the Kirsch piece on Channel 4 piece about the commission wining and dining on the city dime before city hall meetings. I'm not going to critique it, since I already had my say, but I'll say he makes his point and it's worth reading.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.