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This Season, the Fashionable Bank Robber Is Wearing a Fedora

It worked for a legendary crook named Jack Abramoff, not to mention fictional crooks played by James Cagney and fictional tomb raiders like Indiana Jones. So now South Florida bank robbers are rocking this iconic headwear. Two weeks ago, a fedora-wearing thief knocked over a bank in Boynton Beach. And on Tuesday morning, another fedora caught the attention of surveillance cameras in a Deerfield Beach bank. (That's him on the right.)

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office release, this "Filching Felon in a Fedora" gave a note to the teller saying he had a gun and wanted to make a large withdrawal.

From the BSO release:

But when the teller screamed, the would-be robber calmly took back his note and walked out of the bank. He left in a car that appeared to be a 4-door, maroon, late-model Buick.
Full release is here, along with surveillance stills of the car and contact information for investigators.

For the conspiracy-minded: No, this isn't a Dick Tracy-like band of old-timey bank robbers who use loud suits and hats as their calling card. Last week, Boynton Beach Police made two arrests after a local father identified the thief as his son. So that investigation was closed before this one opened.

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Thomas Francis