Three Bite-Size News Nuggets

-- Barbra Stern, Dame Judith's daughter, made it official: She's running for the District 91 state house seat being vacated by Ellyn Bogdanoff. Thirty-six-year-old Barbra (is Judy a Streisand fan?) can at least be sure that she won't be slimed too bad. Her mother, after all, is the dirtiest campaigner in Broward County. Nice start, Babs!

-- Speaking of the need for better public relations at the Broward County School Board, there was a notice of public hearing posted in the Sun-Sentinel on Saturday regarding a new position at the board. The position: Executive Director, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs. Fire teachers and hire spinners. They're going to make the position official during the September 10 school board meeting. That's not about kids, it's about protecting themselves. Are you starting to see how backwards and wrong this board is? (Yet I'm flattered, since this is pretty obviously in response to the whomp-ass stuff that's appeared on this blog).  

-- And why doesn't this surprise me at all? Look, I'm not a basher of Paul and Young Ron; they do what they do and are successful at it. I guess it's just the stupid juvenile humor on their show and, worse, on I-95 billboards (My Name Is: I.P. Freely -- how's that for originality?). Yes, that's it! That's why it almost seems natural that their producer would be nabbed for allegedly jerking off a 12-year-old boy. 

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