Three Broward County Charter Schools Close Their Doors

Three Broward County Charter Schools Close Their Doors

According to the Broward School District, three charter schools will be permanently closing, leaving a whole lot of kids in the lurch.

Eagle Charter Academy and SMART Charter School in Lauderdale Lakes say their governing boards had voted to voluntarily terminate charter contracts with the School Board.

They join Touchdowns4life Charter School in Tamarac, which announced its decision to terminate its charter contract on Tuesday.

Parents whose children attend Eagle and SMART were notified just a day in advance of the closing in a letter citing low enrollment numbers as the chief reason.

Broward Schools spokesperson Deborah Sparbeck said that Broward County Schools welcomes the displaced students of Eagle Charter Academy, SMART Charter School, and Touchdowns4life Charter School to attend their District "home" school.

It's just another blow to the entire Florida educational system. Most parents sign their kids up for charter schools to get away from the soul-sucking maw that is the FCAT. But costs lead to low enrollment lead to schools called Touchdowns4Life eroding into Touchdowns4LifeUnlessWeCloseDownThenIt'sTouchdowns 4TwoOrThreeYearsAndThenYou'reOnYou'reOwn.


Parents and students can identify their District "home" school by banging it on this here link.


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