Three Interesting Developments

-- Florida Rep. Steve Geller has announced that he is running against Sue Gunzburger for county commission. This isn't surprising, as rumors have been swirling about Geller's plans for weeks, but it should rival the Rodstrom race for drama. It's got a compelling subtext:

The ethics activist versus the lobbyist.

Gunzburger is pushing to ban commissioners from lobbying in Broward County. Geller is a well-heeled lobbyist who Dan Ricker reported made about $600,000 last year from developers he represented, many of them before Broward municipalities.

Cynics had already dubbed Gunzburger's anti-lobbying drive the "Geller Amendment" -- a suggestion that the veteran commish was pushing the rule to keep Geller out of the race.

Expect a pitched battle.

-- The Miami Herald dropped the plan to outsource marketing and some copy editing to India yesterday -- the same day I finally wrote about it. Coincidence?

Bottom line: Good on Anders for cutting the losses (figuratively speaking, of course).

-- Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti lets go John Hanlon and hires Tom Wheeler in his place. Regular Pulp readers will recall that we were the first to mention that Wheeler, a friend and frat brother of Charlie Crist's, was in the running to be appointed sheriff. Lamberti got a two-fer here: He gets rid of a symbol of former Sheriff Ken Jenne's corruption (Hanlon, you'll recall, was a former assistant state attorney who was involved in the botched crime statistics investigation) and pays homage to the governor who gave him his job. Smooth.

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