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Timoney Does His Michael Vick

Miami Police Chief John Timoney sent this letter to the Miami Herald apologizing to the city for his recent ethical transgressions. I'm tempted to do another translation, but suffice it to say the Pulp is not impressed with this conniving carpetbagging cornholer and hopes he very soon drives that Lexus SUV back to where he came from.

The Miami Herald also has a story about the new MTV show, The Paper, that I told you about yesterday (the poor Sun-Sentinel apparently was caught unawares). Nirvi Shah, who does a nice reporting job, writes:

The Paper is being produced by the serious side of MTV, its award-winning MTV News and Docs branch. The goal is to show smart, ambitious students hard at work on an intense subject that they are naturally passionate about.

That's all fine and good, but if they really wanted a good story about journalism, why would they set the thing in Weston, an almost all-white, all wealthy, suburban enclave where the biggest issue facing most students is what to wear? In the post below, somebody mentions Deerfield Beach High School as having a good high school newspaper. Yes, and there's real issues -- life and death issues -- going on there.

This reminds me of when I had two job offers after driving down to live with a friend in Florida. One was from the News-Press in Fort Myers, the other from Florida Today in Melbourne. The drive into Melbourne was all department stores and upscale strip malls. The drive into Fort Myers on MLK Boulevard took me through Dunbar, a crime-torn black neighborhood that was once called "Crack Town USA" by HBO (in a real documentary). Guess which newspaper I picked.

Here's what I think MTV is looking for: Suburban high school drama, full of prettily dressed boys and girls, through the eyes of the slighly nerdy, aka the school newspaper geeks. We'll see.

UPDATE: While the Sentinel hasn't reported that the show has been greenlighted, it did report in the Community News section -- which I suppose counts -- that MTV was scouting the location for a possible show a couple months ago.

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