To Hell With War on Terror -- Allen West Wants War on Islam

Well, congressional candidate Allen West had to do something to stand out at last week's CPAC. That's newly posted video of his speech. At 3:35, he says:

A nation goes to war against an ideology. We are against something that is a totalitarian, theocratic, political ideology, and it is called Islam.

In his very next breath, West adds, "This is not about Muslims." And then he makes an incredibly offensive analogy:

"It's just the same as in Nazi Germany," West says. "Not every German is a Nazi."

No, but Germany had a Nazi leader, and the nation had a conventional army that was sending tanks across foreign borders. It was waging the century's most systematic, murderous round of ethnic cleansing. Nazi Germany's objective was world domination -- and given the strength of its military, that was a legitimate threat. Which is why it required such a massive military response.

The Muslim fundamentalists who engage in terrorism have no illusions about world domination. They just want to engineer chaos. They have no state, per se. No conventional military. So they are a much subtler political entity. That requires a subtler military response.

The Allies bombed the hell out of German cities, with little regard for civilian casualties. Is that the style of warfare that West favors for Muslim nations?

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