To the Vicar Go the Spoils: For Pembroke Pines Priest, a Miracle That's the Envy of Men

I'm not a good enough Catholic to judge Rev. David Dueppen, and frankly, neither are you. For those men angry about the Pembroke Pines priest who had sex with a stripper: Maybe you're just mad that you didn't think of it first:

The elusive exotic dancer cannot be seduced one dollar bill at a time, we've learned. Rather, she wants what she can't have: the man who must choose between her and God.

Keep your cash; she wants your soul.

The way I see it, any institution silly enough to dictate the kinds of genitals it prefers for its leaders, as well as the ways in which those leaders can use their genitals, deserves the embarrassment it gets.

To hear the stripper Beatrice Hernandez tell it, Dueppen was a jerk. But the single thing that separates his case from the flotsam of immorality that you'll find in the local family court files is the defendant's holy vocation.

Ironically, for all this talk about another "black eye" for the Archdiocese of Miami, maybe Dueppen's story will "inspire" a new generation of priests in a church that's desperate for recruits. Besides the NFL, how many jobs out there require a man to work only on the weekend, yet still offer the combination of local celebrity and free time needed for having sex with strippers during the workweek?

In case you missed it, Hernandez told her story to the CBS Early Show this month:

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