Today Is the Last Day to Vote in New Times' Best Of Readers' Poll

You've had 20 days to vote for your favorite local business in the New Times Best Of Readers' Poll.

Instead, you ate macaroni and played Xbox. But please -- please -- put down that bowl and hit pause, because today is the last day you have to vote.

How does one vote in this poll, you ask? Well, first put on some pants. Just kidding, you don't have to. But you really should -- or at least close your blinds.

Next, just head over to our Readers' Choice page and start nominating your favorite things Broward and Palm Beach. There are more than 60 categories, so you better start now.

What will happen if you don't vote? Oh, probably nothing major.

Your favorite thrift store or gym will just go unrecognized in the community, start to accrue debt, eventually have one of those sad going-out-of-business sales, and probably turn into a Walmart.

And that cute girl who always gives you a free protein shake after leg day will seek employment at the nearest Applebee's, where she'll burn her fingers so badly on a plate of potato skins that she won't be able to knit anymore. And she loves knitting.

You monster.

So, again: Start nominating. Today is your last chance to save the cute knitter.

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