Today's Pulp Files

From the "Where Are They Now" file: I told you back November that Channel 4 reporter Brian Andrews was leaving his job to embark on a freelancing adventure in Colombia. Well, he's landed a gig as an Internet anchor for RCN's first English broadcast. The first broadcast comes on June 30.

From the "Fleeing In Droves" file: Miami Herald reporter Roberto Santiago is leaving the newspaper to become a P.R. guy for the Museum of Art/Fort Lauderale, according to a good industry source. No word on if he's getting the buyout.

From the "Better Than Nothing?" file: Among the layoffs at the Miami Herald is a 26-year-old copy editor named Brayden Simms. But hey, if you're gonna fire a guy, might as well exploit him on his way out. First Simms wrote a column on his firing and now he's going to be blIogging about it on a regular basis. Simms is getting some good exposure from this, so I can see why he'd do it (he also feels grateful for the "generous" buyout). Still a little weird and shameless on the newspaper's part. (Via Gawker).

Oh, and check out the printed New Times tomorrow or this website for a column I've done about the layoffs at the Herald, Post, and Sentinel. Some interesting stuff in it. I'm out of pocket and may not be back around for a day or two.

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