Tonight at YOLO: Beware the Short-Tempered Barmaid (Also Cougar, Dingo Attacks)

The downtown Fort Lauderdale lounge YOLO has risked its reputation for efficient service, as well as its collection of fine wines, premium liquors and glassware, to the custody of an easily flustered New Times editorial staff member named Michelle "Mickie" Centrone. She is tending bar this evening. Or trying to.

In a coincidence that may prove tragic, YOLO is also the rumored destination of a pack of local twentysomethings on the prowl for cougars and dingos -- old women and men, respectively, who seek young love. Should that theme prove popular, it will lead to an abundance of exotic drink orders -- possibly enough to trigger a Mickie Meltdown.

In advance of her night's employment, YOLO provided Centrone with a dozen-page primer: the wine list and drink recipes she'd need to be a competent server. Since competent service would not make a very fun future article, she was encouraged to ignore her homework. She obliged. "I know how to make a vodka - tonic," cracked Centrone as she left for YOLO. For Centrone and YOLO patrons, it will be a long night.


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