Tonight, Crist to Feed on Fort Lauderdale's Bluest Blood

Charlie Crist will appear at a fundraiser tonight at the Tower Club in downtown Fort Lauderdale. For those who want to roll VIP, the price is five grand.

Not sure if that's a discount from the club's monthly rate (membership director didn't return a call immediately), but I suppose this is kind of like rush week at the fraternity: a bunch of uninitiated but promising "pledges" pay a visit and there's some mutual bum-sniffing.

Newbies had better read the list of club rules. It goes without saying, but "membership to the Tower Club is by Member Invitation" only.
Some more personal favorites from the rules page:

  • No guest can visit the club more than once in six months.
  • "Ladies are asked to use discretion and dress accordingly. Denim will be permitted in the City View Lounge only. Denim may not be faded or torn, and the club staff has the right to determine if the denim is acceptable. A collared, or banded neck dress shirt or sweater must be worn with denim jeans."
  • "SUMMER PROMOTION - Jackets are not required in the Main Dining Room Wednesday and Thursday evenings." (Barbarism!)

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