Tonight: Live Blogging "From" Heat Playoff Game Two

As an incredibly dogged responsible still-functioning news organization, The Juice editors knew we had to dedicate a great deal of coverage to the second Miami Heat playoff game tonight in Atlanta. So they flew me up to Atlanta for the week, booked me a nice hotel room with a view of downtown, and gave me a generous per diem...is what I should probably be saying right now. But instead I've been told to LIVE BLOG from my living room, while watching the game on television, just like most fans. When I mentioned: "Ya know, most people who can read the internet can probably watch a tv too," one editor told me: "Look, kid, get out of my office before the hookers get here." Then he ashed his smelly cigar on my shoes.

But I figure surely there are a few dedicated fans out there with iPhones and Blackberries and all sorts of handheld devices that do not (yet) broadcast live television. I imagine these people at church groups, anniversary dinners, little league games, and if we have any future on this planet, Earth Day rallies. And they need to know what's going on. So for these poor, trapped souls, I will feverishly update this space on not just what's happening with D-Wade and our boys, but also whatever else might be interesting on television.

We've had a few successful live blogs in the past: one by a knowledgeable greyhound and one by a drunk asshole at the BCS championship game. So if you like these things, or you're trapped somewhere and need updates on the game (and LOST), or you're bored, or you're related to me, tune in tonight.

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