Tonight: Live Blogging from the BCS National Championship Game

If you happen to have an extra grand or so to blow on a football game, you probably won't need to come here for my bitter blog posts, live from the BCS Championship. But if you live in the same country as the rest of us non-yacht owners, you can get everything you need right here.

A bit of background: I graduated from one of the few schools that probably deserves a spot in this game more than at least one of the two participants. So forgive me if I accidentally (and often) refer to the teams as Not Texas Red (OU) and Not Texas Blue (UF). They could very well be Not Utah and Not USC, but Texans aren't necessarily as considerate of people from other places.

There will be pomp. There will be circumstance. There will be Tebow (and another Heisman winner Floridians don't care about). There will be lots of sarcasm LIVE LIVE LIVE from the college bowl game that is not the Orange Bowl, but is played in the same stadium as the Orange Bowl. And there will be crowned, the most arbitrary title holder in all of major sports.

Click here to read our live blog coverage.

-- Michael J. Mooney

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Michael J. Mooney