Top 10 Amazing Cars for Sale on Cuba's Craigslist

via Revolico
This hot little number didn't even make our list. But you could buy it from Maykel for about $7,000.

In this week's feature story, you can read all about Revolico. The website -- a Craigslist for Cuba -- is changing the way Cubans do business in the Caribbean communist stronghold by bringing the nation's rampant black market online for the world to see.

Cuba's socialist constitution forbids pretty much all private enterprise, but you can find anything and everything for sale on Revolico: computers, DVDs, diapers, Chinese lessons, massages, bikes, tennis shoes. It's a capitalist Valhalla and an obvious crack in Fidel Castro's grip.

It's also a great place to see some ridiculous rides. In Cuba, with a few exceptions, only cars made before 1960 are allowed. The island is choked with barely running "Yank tanks" -- and a bunch are for sale on Revolico.

Riptide has combed through Revolico for the sweetest of the sweet cars for sale. Click through for our Top 10.

10. 1950 Renault, 9,500 pesos

What's hotter than a 1950 Renault? A lime-muthafuckin'-green 1950 Renault.

9. 1958 Ford Prefect, 7,500 pesos

In case the ladies aren't swooning for the crayoned-on blue finish, the soccer scarf should seal the deal.

8. 1951 Ford pickup, 15,000 pesos

By rule of law, you must dress like a character in O Brother Where Art Thou? while driving this pickup.

7. 1952 Chevrolet, 4,500 pesos

No, no, that's not rust. It's uh, character. Yeah, character!

6. Fiat, year unknown, 5,700 pesos

This is the Billy Joel of Fiats: short, stumpy, kind of sad, impossible to take seriously, yet continually draped in hot women.

5. 1959 Triumph, 13,000

In case you're not sold on this bad boy, the owner proudly notes it's been re-outfitted with a Lada motor. Only in Cuba is a 40-year-old Russian motor a selling point.

4. 1959 Buick, 8,500

Fact: This car would take up an entire city block on South Beach.

3. 1957 Ford Convertible, 500 pesos down, price negotiable

"Look, we didn't want to do this, but you look like a nice guy. We'll throw the bows in too. No extra."

2. 1959 Chevrolet Impala, 25,000 pesos

True story: Fidel personally flew to the moon in this beauty in 1963.

1. 1957 Chevrolet, price negotiable

We want to make fun of this car. We really do. But Jesus Christ, look at this thing. If we had this thing in the driveway, we'd throw on a guayabera, fire up a hand-rolled torpedo, and cruise around La Habana all day long.

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