Top Complaints From Floridians to State's Consumer Services Department

Floridians like to complain every once in a while -- like the 45,536 complaints sent by consumers sent to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services over the past year.

The agency today released a top-ten list of the most consumer complaints that came into their office during Florida's fiscal 2010-11.

Not surprisingly, the two most-complained-about problems were related to telemarketing:

  1. Do Not Call -- 12,345 complaints
  2. Telemarketing -- 10,416 complaints
  3. Credit/Banking -- 2,289 complaints
  4. Communications -- 2,267 complaints
  5. Motor Vehicle Repair -- 1,913 complaints
  6. Travel/Vacation Plans -- 1,682 complaints
  7. Real Estate Broker/Salesperson -- 1,532 complaints
  8. Landlord/Tenant -- 1,332 complaints
  9. Motor Vehicle Sales/Accessories -- 1,311 complaints
  10. Medical -- 854 complaints

None of those on the list are really surprising, considering just a few of the businesses operating in Florida -- like those in travel and communications, as well as banks and landlords.

The department says it closed or resolved just under 60 percent of those complaints and received 21 percent more complaints than it did the previous year.

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