Top Five Quotes From Lee Abrams, the Sentinel's Memo Man

If you've read this week's New Times cover story on the rise and fall of South Florida's daily newspapers, you're familiar with the Sun-Sentinel's infamous memo-writer, Lee Abrams. He's the chief innovation officer for the Tribune Co., the Chicago-based media giant that owns the Sun-Sentinel.

Abrams' goal is to get the company to "evolve" and thrive in the digital age. He's known for emailing long-winded "think pieces" to employees, pontificating on how they can improve, using catch-phrases like AFDI -- Actually Fucking Doing It.

New Times columnist Bob Norman has graciously chronicled many of Abrams' memos on his blog, The Daily Pulp. I also recently interviewed Abrams by phone. Here's a collection of some of the best Abrams quotes from both sources. Read them and try not to weep.

1. "You are either WITH the revolution or AGAINST it. You will either be embraced by the company and win or the company will beat you. No middle ground."

2. "As sad as the state of the economy is, it's equally sad to see people whining, complaining and feeling sorry for themselves and the industry, when that energy can go toward breaking down some walls."

3. "Forcing ourselves to be original and interesting. Maybe 15 years ago there was no need... but today, there IS!"

4."I'm sensing a trend where intellect is commercially viable... With that said, I think we need to be smarter."

5. "Integrity is so important, but so is to stay in business."

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